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CREATE-NET @ICTdays 2014

Tue, 25/03/2014

CREATE-NET will take part in the ICT Days 2014. The event, organized by Trento RISE in collaboration with The University of Trento and FBK-Fondazione Bruno Kessler, presents a rich offering of seminars, exchanges, conferences and workshops aimed at bringing people closer to ICT and ICT closer to the people.

CREATE-NET will be present during the Placement Day in order to meet students and people who would like to know more about our activities, projects and work opportunities.

For those who would like a deeper look into the projects that innovate and improve the well-being and economy of Trentino, it is worth to attend the "Transversal Technology" showcase during which 15 projects "made in Trentino" will be presented. At the end of the event a jury of 5 experts will assign the title "Transversal Technology of the Year" to the project considered most innovative. Monarca and GPSspeed projects (coordinated by CREATE-NET) are both among the 15 finalists.MONARCA project will show how people affected by bipolar disorder can be helped through an innovative system which consists of five main components (a sensor-enabled mobile phone, a wrist-worn activity monitor, a novel “sock integrated” physiological [GSR, pulse] sensor, a stationary EEG system for periodic measurements, and a home gateway).

GPSspeed is a platform based on Big Data that builds a speed profile model for all streets in a city (Trentino, Milano, Helsinki and Barcelona) allowing retrieval of historical, real-time and predicted speed in each road in the city. This tools allows municipalities, public authorities or transportation companies to collect, analyze and visualize mobility data originating from any GPS-enabled devices. 

Furthermore during the first day, SPECIFI project will have a booth at Trento Rise entrance where our researchers will show you flyers and poster in order to explain the relevance of the future Creative Ring of Future Internet Services and the ongoing experimental activities in Barcelona, Kortrjik and Trento Pilots for the development of advanced services focusing to the Creative Industries sector.

As one of the most relevant events at the national level in the ICT sector, CREATE-NET is proud to play such an important role in it.