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Thu, 12/06/2014

CREATE-NET will participate to the upcoming IoT Week that will take place in London between Monday 16th June and Friday 20th June. The IoT week is an annual event which attracts industry and academia from around the world focusing on the opportunities inherent in IoT, connecting global business and research communities for collaboration as well as addressing societal and market issues. 

In particular, CREATE-NET will be involved in the organization of several sessions held during the event.

Namely, Raffaele Giaffreda, head of the research group Smart IoT in CREATE-NET, will be co-chairing the session “IoT Innovation: From Application Scenarios to Pilots and Deployments” dedicated to how investments in R&D have been channeled towards fostering innovation and realising important trials and concrete IoT-based projects.

In addition, Giaffreda will be hosting, in quality of EU champion for collaboration with Korea, the session entitled “EU-Korea collaboration on IoT”. This session is organized as a stepping stone in the context of the envisaged collaboration between EU Korea in H2020. In particular it follows on bilateral talks held in Seoul during the EU-Korea workshop and at the WF-IOT conference between EC representatives and Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.

Moreover, CREATE-NET’s researchers Abdur Rahim  and Charalampos Doukas will also play key role during the event.

Abdur Rahim will be co-chairing the session entitled "Smartness in the Context of IoT Technologies” which focuses on the activities of the related IERC activity chain, tackling the issue of autonomy for IoT platforms which will have to deal with the complexity of exponentially increasing numbers of connected objects; whereas Charalampos Doukas will be hosting a session about “Best practices for involving communities in European IoT Projects” focusing on community building and dissemination of research projects. In addition, he will be tutoring a workshop on IoT technologies based on COMPOSE project during the IoT Week Hackathon. COMPOSE project is participating to the Hackathon event through the service composition challenge, inviting participants to develop IoT services based on OpenData and device interactivity.

CREATE-NET’s strong presence at the IoT week remarks its major role in the iot domain and its effort in opening new opportunities for growth and innovation in this fast growing-sector. Another example of CREATE-NET’s commitment to IoT, is the IOT360 Summit which will take place in Rome on the 28th and 29th of October 2014 and will bring a 360° perspective on IoT innovation.