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CREATE-NET will give 3 talks at ONS 2016

Tue, 16/02/2016

The Future Networks (FuN) area at CREATE-NET has three accepted speeches during the upcoming Open Networking Summit which will be held from the 13th till the 18th of March in Santa Clara (USA). Matteo Gerola, research engineer will attend the event and will provide the talks.

ONS 2016 will bring together the global SDN / NFV ecosystem and open source community to showcase solutions that are transforming networking for service providers, data centers and enterprises and to help developers and architects keep up with the SDN/NFV tools and technologies ready for evaluation and deployment. The focus of the 2016 event will be on enabling the understanding of the open networking landscape and how it advances SDN and NFV through pragmatic use-cases, making ONS the ideal forum for companies to share their thought leadership positions and production innovations in the area of open source networking.

Matteo will present:
 - a talk titled “Investigating New Services for GÉANT Using Open Networking Operating System” during the ONOS Lightning talk workshop. This talk will initially focus on the high-level network architecture and challenges that GÉANT is currently facing. Then it will present the open-source SDN activities that the community is investigating and deploying to evolve the network and offer new services to customers, such as Bandwidth on Demand, SDXL2 and SDXL3 (Software Defined Internet Exchange Point), and Optical Transport SDN. 

- a talk titled “Develop, Deploy and Deliver with NetIDE: An Integrated Service Level Network Programming Framework”. Focus of the presentation the SDN controller platform, designed and developed in the NetIDE project, with a companion IDE that provides a true cross-platform development and deployment experience. The controller is based on a two-tier approach, with a layer of client controllers executing applications and a layer of server controllers driving the network elements which are orchestrated by a core module that included conflict resolution. 

- a talk titled “Distributed Peer-to-Peer ONOS Provider for a Multi-Domain Environment" during the ONOS Mini Summit. This presentation presents an open-source solution for multi-domain SDN networks, built on top of ONOS. The Multi-domain ONOS Provider (MDOP) relies on a per domain organization, where each ONOS cluster is in charge of an SDN domain, and provides a lightweight and highly manageable inter-controller event-based multicast channel. 

This work has been partially supported by the FP7-NETIDE and the GÉANT GN4 projects, which are part of the FuN area's activities in CREATE-NET. For more details on FuN research and innovation objectives, please visit here: [link: https://www.create-net.org/research/research-areas/fun/research-focus]