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CREATE-NET's lamp @TEDx Trento

Tue, 25/11/2014

On november 22nd CREATE-NET participated to the TEDx Trento 2014 event with an active demonstration of the Internet of Things concept.  A colourful lamp was installed near the main event stage and it changed colour every time people tweeted news about the event.

The concept was embraced by the TEDx Trento organisers who encouraged people to use the Twitter hashtag #TEDxTrento during the event and they also  launched a dedicated video:

See video

During the event, the lamp attracted the attention of many participants, generated lots of traffic and was specifically mentioned in several tweets.
In addition, CREATE-NET had an exhibition booth where our researcher Mohamed Taher Alrefaie explained guests the principle behind the lamp operation and allowed visitors to interact with a second lamp using their smartphones. In this case, the smartphone was used as a sensing device. Every time the device was tilted or moved, the lamp colour changed to a new one.

Both demos have been developed by CREATE-NET's researchers Charalampos Doukas and Mohamed Taher Alrefaie
"We decided to use the combination of smart devices (controllable lights and smartphones) and a social network given the diverse background of the TEDx Trento attendants. It is a simple concept that illustrates pretty well how connected devices can interact with input from users and resources on the Internet. At the same time, it motivates users to participate and watch directly the feedback of their actions.” said Charalampos Doukas.

Such a connected and controllable lamp can also be used as an interface for visualising any sorts of information, e.g. external weather conditions, alert users in case of emergency, create custom ambient illumination condition based on context-awareness and user preferences, etc.

More info: 

You can find the source code of the implementation here: https://github.com/hdoukas/magiclights