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DC4Cities EU FP7 project started !

Tue, 25/02/2014

A cool project aiming at better using renewable energies in data centres. Gartner estimated that the global impact of the ICT sector is 2% of the global CO2 emissions, which is approximately the same as fuel consumption from the airline industry. 

Among that, data centres are tremendous energy consumers, regardless of what type of energy it is (green or fossil). DC4Cities objective is to research new technologies to foster a better usage of renewable energies in data centres. The main idea is to shift the workload in the data centre to make it run when the renewable energies are available (for example, when the sun is shining for solar energy). Create-Net is responsible for the work package on researching energy adaptive software. The prototype developed will be notably trialled in Trentino, in APSS (the local health agency) data centre.