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Domenico Siracusa @ Advanced Photonics

Tue, 16/06/2015

Domenico Siracusa, senior researcher of the Future Networks (FuN) area at CREATE-NET  has been invited to give a talk at the Photonic Networks and Devices (Networks) topical meeting within the Advanced Photonics conference which will take place in Boston from June 27th to July 1st 2015.

Advanced Photonics covers multiple aspects of optical data transfer and its technologies, as well as network design and the control. In particular, the Photonic Networks and Devices (Networks) topical meeting focuses on pioneering new photonic devices and networks that drive the future scaling and performance that is critical to next-generation applications.

Domenico will address next-generation transport networks and their interaction with the advanced applications, which are demanding very high capacities for tailored services. In the talk titled "Control and Orchestration for Future IP/Optical Transport Networks", Domenico will present (i) resource allocation strategies to exploit capacity of novel SDM-based optical networks and (ii) a multi-layer orchestration approach able to meet applications’ requirements.  

The complete program is available here