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FI-PPP Day Trentino

Mon, 19/05/2014
future internet ppp

CREATE-NET in collaboration with Trentino Sviluppo, Engineering and Trento RISE organizes the first FI-PPP Day with the aim of presenting the funding opportunities for start-ups and SMEs through the European FI-PPP program and its initiatives.

The FI-PPP  program is an innovative program led by European industrial actors which seeks the creation of a technological platform to support the development of applications for the Future Internet. The FI-WARE technology platform provides a set of services available through the cloud that can be used as Lego bricks to create complex applications in different application contexts.

In 2013 started the second phase of the FI-PPP, in which XIFI is responsible for providing the infrastructure Cloud (FI-Lab) for the consumption of services FI-WARE, while 5 other projects are developing platforms for specific domains (ie manufacturing, e-health, media, energy and logistics) on the basis of platform services FI-WARE. In September, 2014, the calls will start for the third phase, where 16 accelerators will provide 80 million Euros to develop applications based on FI-WARE and FI-PPP. The new contract is the creation of approximately 20 projects for a total of 100 million of which at least 80% will be allocated to grants for start-ups and SMEs. 
The ecosystem Trentino, plays a key role in the program through two accelerators (CREATI-FI, FINODEX), the FI-WARE technology platform, the portal FI-Lab. These initiatives and the event is sponsored by CREATE-NET, Engineering, Trentino Sviluppo and Trento Rise.

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More info at: http://fi-ppp-trento.fi-infinity.eu