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GO2SKI: the app to plan your skiing experience in Trentino

Tue, 24/03/2015

The new app Go2ski was developed by two researchers at CREATE-NET: a smartphone application that allows users to plan their activities on the snow and to share the experience with others .

Go2Ski has been developed within the framework of the European project COMPOSE by Antonio Francescon and Luca Capra as the result of the work of the group Future Media Solutions in CREATE-NET. The goal of the activity performed by the researchers is to demonstrate how the platform developed within COMPOSE can provide added value and facilitate the development of innovative services in tourism at the provincial level. Go2Ski leverages the integration of meteorological data provided by MeteoTrentino with those made available by the projects OpenData Trentino and OpenStreetMap on the tracks and points of interest of Trentino. the app allows skiers to plan at best their skiing experience by providing weather conditions, availability of the ski resorts of Trentino, as well as many other information of interest such as the difficulty of the slopes available.

The real added value of Go2Ski compared to other applications available for smartphones, is the ability to provide support to the skiers "on site": thanks to Go2Ski the user can keep in touch with friends, share his/her location with them making  it more easy  to organize meetings and find yourself in the ski areas. The user experience is made more complete with the ability to share photos and comments from the community of users of the application.

Go2ski is available for Android devices on Google Play; the current version has been released at this early stage in experimental form to enable the collection of impressions and suggestions from the users that will serve to guide the future evolution of the application.