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GPSpeed wins the best digital technology award @ICT Days 2014

Tue, 08/04/2014

Gpspeed is a new platform, developed by CREATE- NET , which has been awarded as best digital technology by a jury of experts in the field at the  ICT Days 2014 event held in Trento ifrom April 2nd til the 4th. 

Among the 15 technologies / projects "Made in Trentino" presented to a diverse and curious audience, a jury of five experts has in fact awarded the project because GPSpeed ​​was considered " more interdisciplinary , innovative and able to lead the Trentino research to levels of excellence".

GPSpeed collects and analyzes enormous amount of data related to mobility captured through any GPS-enabled device, such as mobile applications , taxis, buses etc .

Information developed by GPSpeed ​​can then be displayed automatically on a smartphone and used to calculate an alternative route to choose in case of traffic.
The application stores indeed thousands of paths from the data collected during the movements of the user and is able to show traffic congestion and delays.
" Gpspeed - says Mohamed Taher Alrefaie researcher at CREATE-NET and spokesman for the project - can also report to municipalities when and how to schedule maintenance work on roads that need maintenance or requiring intervention in the event of landslides and /or flooding."
There are currently about 10,000 alternative routes stored in Trentino and in the cities of Milan , Helsinki and Barcelona.
GPSpeed ​​has been developed within the European project Superhub ( http://superhub- project.eu ) and will soon be tested in four European cities : Trento , Milan , Barcelona and Helsinki. The plan is to further extend the platform by integrating other data relevant for understanding urban mobility (eg the weather ) , prior to its marketing.
A greater number of data would enable the platform to provide detailed information and personalized advice on driving behavior to convince users to acquire green behaviors such as using public transport.