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H2020 AGILE kick-off meeting in Trento

Wed, 10/02/2016
Agile kickoff

CREATE-NET has hosted the kick-off meeting for the H2020 AGILE (Adoptive Gateways for dIverse muLtiple Environments) Project between 12th and 14th of January. 

The Project (ICT30 Call - Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects), led and coordinated by Charalampos Doukas and Fabio Antonelli (FraMe area), builds a smart gateway for the Internet of Things and brings together 17 partners from industry, academia and startup domains. More than 30 people joined a successful meeting in Trento and set the basis for a fruitful collaboration. In addition to the kick-off, an open workshop for the Internet of Things has been organised with guest speakers from AGILE partners: Canonical (Ubuntu), Eclipse Foundation and Rulemotion (resin.io). More than 60 attendants from Trento and representatives from Bolzano LinuxGroup participated and were informed about open source technologies for managing smart devices.