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Harry Doukas @ WSO2 2015 conference

Mon, 25/05/2015

Charalampos Doukas, senior researcher of the Future Media solutions group at CREATE-NET  has been invited to give a talk on IoT Open Source projects and WSO2 at the at the  WSO2 2015 conference which will take place in London from June 1st till the 3rd.

WSO2Con EU 2015 provides insightful sessions on ground-breaking enterprise technology, and how customers are taking advantage of WSO2′s innovative solutions to thrive in today’s connected world.

In particular, Charalampos with his speech titled “The IoT Open Source World: Where WSO2 stands” will focus on presenting (i) The most popular Open Source IoT projects, (ii) WSO2 middleware in the IoT world: Combining modules for a complete IoT end-to-end solution and (iii) IoT challenges: open space for development/integration.

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WSO2 is an open source application development software company focused on providing service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions for professional developers. WSO2 projects are free and open source released under Apache License Version 2 and users of WSO2 components include more than 500 companies like eBay, Cisco and Boeing. WSO2's annual conferences, named "WSO2Con", are held in Europe, USA, and Asia, to discuss about SOA, Cloud Computing, IT strategies, and applications, attracting hundreds of developers each time.