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Makers Communities and MUSE Science Museum in the SPECIFI Project

Tue, 28/01/2014

On January 21st ou researcher Francesco Botto and Sabina Barcucci, MUSE FabLab Manager, participated to the workshop "Exploring the role of local communities in materials research. From the best practices to policy" in Bruxelles. (to view the agenda click here)

The Workshop took place at The Egg (http://www.eggbrussels.eu/) and was organized by the InnoMatNet Project (http://innomatnet.eu/).This workshop explored the importance of involving and empowering citizens, local communities and local creative industries/designers in material research, bridging the gap between material industry and citizens/local entrepreneurs, as an important step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly economy and society. 

Francesco and Sabina presented "Makers Communities and MuSe Science Museum in the SPECIFI Project" in order to give an overview of:

  • the SPECIFI Italian Pilot - supported by CREATE-NET 
  • the new Trento FabLab - hosted in the MUSE 
  • the cooperation between CREATE-NET and MUSE

The cooperation between CREATE-NET and MUSE aims at:

  • generating Future Internet services involving makers communities - the FabLab users - and creative industries in order to contribute to the development of the Creative Ring (www.specifi.eu/about/the-creative-ring) of Smart Cities and Regions
  • defining the MUSE as the local Creative Ring HUB.