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Mubit researchers @ Pervasivehealth

Wed, 20/05/2015
Oscar Mayora

Oscar Mayora, area head of the Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies group at CREATE-NET and Venet Osmani, senior researcher in the same group, will take part in the 9th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (Pervasivehealth) which will take place in Istanbul from May 20th till the 23rd.

Pervasive Health Conference is a premier international forum with specific focus on technologies and human factors related to the use of ubiquitous computing in healthcare and for wellbeing. 

Oscar Mayora will present the result of a joint study conducted within the European project NYMPHA-MD by its partners: CSPT from Barcelona, APSS (Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari) and CREATE-NET from Trento. The outcome of this study is the identification of requirements to be used for preparing the Nympha-MD Call for Tender that will be shortly announced at European level. NYMPHA-MD project is a PCP with the co-fund of the European Commission aiming at identifying Pre-Commercial Solutions on the field of ICT mobile technologies for the treatment of bipolar disorder.

The next day Venet Osmani will introduce the ongoing work in understanding patterns of smartphone app usage and investigating relationship of these patterns with the perceived stress level within the workplace context. In a study with 30 participants, an average precision of 85.7% was achieved in detecting stress levels. This result can be used as an indicator of overall stress levels in work environments and in turn inform stress-reduction organisational policies, especially when considering interrelation between stress and productivity of workers.