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Mon, 26/05/2014

If books, clothing and furniture have long since entered the market of reuse is now up to the world of computing. In fact, thanks to the donation of a considerable quantity of laptops and other computer equipment from the Research Center CREATE- NET to the Emigration and International Solidarity Service of the autonomous province of Trento , it will be possible to reconfigure and update these PCs and make them available for humanitarian projects.


CREATE- NET , international research center in the ICT sector , which recently celebrated 10 years of activity in the territory of Trentino , once again is showing its commitment to protecting the environment by promoting the reuse of what is still useful and in good condition . Through this initiative, the Centre wishes to contribute to the spread of a culture of sustainability and the reduction of electronic waste thus reducing the damage to health and the environment that they bear. It 's also important to strive for environmental sustainability in the computer industry and rethink the life cycle of computers to arrive at reducing e-waste through greater dissemination of their reuse.
The initiative comes as social promotion activity and aims primarily to provide support to schools, associations, non-profit world in general, but also the elderly and families in economic difficulty. Through the door ofEmigration and International Solidarity Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento associations engaged in charity projects will be able to request free PCs donated by the Research Center and send them to countries in the developing world.
Moreover, the data on the environmental cost of a PC are clear: a university study sponsored by the United Nations revealed that a standard 17-inch PC requires 240 kg of fossil fuels , 22 kg of various chemical elements and 1500 kg of water. Given that a company changes the pc on average every 2-4 years, it is understandable that the initiative to re- use the PC can limit the consumption of resources and money.
In this initiative,  CREATE- NET also includes the focus of research towards the energy sector that has long intended to promote the use of ICT in reducing the environmental impact of our daily actions and to reduce the same impact associated with the use of ICT .
In particular , the center is working on several European projects to produce tangible results in the area of ​​Green Technologies and sustainable mobility .