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Nympha consultation day

Wed, 25/06/2014

A Consultation Day on Nympha project for companies and SMEs will be held on Monday, 30th June 2014 at 3.45 p.m. in 3 European cities contemporarily: Trento, Barcelona and Copenaghen.

Nympha (Next Generation Mobile Platform for Health in Mental Disorders) is a co-funded project by the European Commission that aims at identifying new models of care for patients with mood disorders through the use of new information technologies and by adopting public/private partnership according to the pre-commercial contract model.

The Consultation Day aims at informing companies about NYMPHA-MD project objectives and at receiving feedback form potential companies interested in participating in the next tender.

The Consultation Day is an opportunity to better understand the project thanks to a general presentation on Nympha’s objectives which will be held by Oscar Mayora from CREATE-NET and reproduced in parallel in the 3 different locations for all attendees to see. The video presentation will be followed by a Questions & Answers session to complement the information provided during the overall project presentation.

Later in the afternoon, potential participating companies will have a time slot to introduce themselves and their vision to the Nympha project committee.
The Call for Tender will be open in Fall 2014. More information can be consulted in NYMPA-MD website at www.nympha-md-project.eu