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The NYMPHA-MD project for mental health was officially launched

Mon, 27/01/2014

Nympha (Next Generation Mobile Platform for Health in Mental Disorders) is a co-funded project by the European Commission that aims at experimenting new models of care for patients with mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder or depression. The European partners promoters of Nympha,the Autonomous Province of Trento as main procurer, Parc Tauli Health Foundation of Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen Regionh and the scientific coordinator CREATE-NET gathered in Trento last week.

The Nympha project, with a total cost of € 2,589,981, aims to identify new models of care for patiients with mood disorders through the use of new information technologies and by adopting public/private partnership according to the pre-commercial contract model.

The pre-commercial procurement represents a new generation of public instruments to support innovation, which drew upon a reorganization of public expenditure . While the government can increase the quality of services with innovative solutions tailored to people's needs - since the pa will be the first user of the innovative solution - the other companies and research centers can develop innovative products and services by transferring part of the risk and the administration could then market the solution on the market. The pre-commercial procurement then starts with the design phase and is therefore accessible to any company , while in the later stages, and the most challenging , the idea may attract partnerships with research centers, and finally the public purchaser can experiment with alternative solutions and assess the advantages , disadvantages and costs before committing to the purchase of a bulk supply.
The project represents an important opportunity to transfer the most advanced research into real products to serve the citizens . "The trial will take place in three European areas: in addition to Trentino also in Barcelona and Copenhagen - says Diego Conforti , from the Department of Health and Social Solidarity of the Province of Trento - Our province plays a leading role both as main procurer and  through pilot testing that will involve the Mental Health Service of the provincial health services and private partners."

"Thanks to the use of new technologies combined with an innovative approach to the provision of services - says Oscar Mayora from CREATE-NET - Public Health will offer cutting-edge therapies and treatments through a more objective and continuous monitoring of patients with mood disorders." The system is based on the use of various technological devices able to detect in an objective manner the patient's daily activities, collecting  physiological and psychological data to process them in a behavioral profile updated in real time which can be viewed and monitored by the treating physician , who may make a diagnosis based on objective data collected on an ongoing basis during the period between the different therapeutic sessions .The patients themselves have access to new tools , integrated system with the TREC platform ( citizen 's medical record ) for a more accurate control of their mental health status and will provide updated information to their doctors in order to support the therapeutic process .

"The project - adds Renzo De Stefani, Head of the Department of Mental Health of thr Healthcare Agency - is also an opportunity to benefit from the experience of the UFE (expert family members and users ), men and women who have acquired a experiential knowledge due to personal reasons that puts them in a position to provide a structured and continuous performance recognized in different areas of activity of the mental health service." Nympha may also facilitate the establishment or growth of new local companies in the field of new health technologies, necessary to provide the services of monitoring and displaying information.