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PIGO wins the TomTom award

Tue, 16/12/2014
PIgo award

CREATE-NET researcher, Mohamed Alrefaie, took part in the Mobility Hackathon organized  by LUISS Enlabs from December 12th till the 14th in Rome.

During the hackathon which lasted about 36 hours, teams were asked to hack a new mobility approach using all available open data.

CREATE-NET researcher through the use of such data created a new mobility app called Pigo and he presented it to a wide audience and a jury of experts. The application Pigo was developed in collaboration with the start-up exrade during the event.

Pigo can be installed on an Android smartphone or tablet and helps calculate how many calories you burn to reach a destination on foot or by bike.

Pigo is an app that calculates journeys from a location to another combining all transportation means (bike sharing, car, bus, metro, walk, etc) taking into account emissions, traffic info (provided by TomTom  WEBFLEET) and calories and providing the best option according to user’s preferences.

In just 3 minutes of his pitch presentation, Mohamed was able to catch the audience’s  attention and he was awarded with the TomTom prize consisting of 1000€ of TomTom goods or services.