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PRAIM CSI: A solution to bring order and improve the "user-experience"

Wed, 22/10/2014

In the context of could computing, today there are a variety of platforms and services offered by multiple providers (VMware, Citrix, Amazon, Google ...) to users who access these services through a "thin client" and often find themselves having to deal with the peculiar idiosyncrasies imposed by these suppliers in terms of security, access and fruition, research and service classification. 

In 2012, the Autonomous Province of Trento approved the project PRAIM CSI ("PRAIM Cloud Service Investigator"), funded by Provincial Law 6/99, with the aim of finding a "unified and uniform" way to present cloud services (such as remote desktop, personal productivity applications, email management etc.) offered by different providers, starting from the perspective of the end user. 

PRAIM-CSI project, a collaboration between Praim Srl (www.praim.com) and the research center CREATE-NET (www.create-net.org), wants to find a solution that will provide a level of  cross -technology and cross-vendor integration through an integrated and single interface ("unified user-experience") that is independent of the technology used and / or the service provider. 

Two are the most innovative aspects that PRAIM CSI want to pursue: 

• a mechanism for Single Sign-On (SSO) to cloud service that allows users to access all the resources and services that are enabled through a single authentication step. 

• a data model that allows to "classify" in a general way and not tied to individual vendors, applications offered by "Service Provider" , making it uniform and intuitive the visualization, search and management. 

The project PRAIM CSI ended last September with the creation of a working prototype, which in the future will be further developed and improved by extending the functionality to cover a broader range of cloud service providers and to expand the supply of Praim Srl.