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Reporting from the Trento IoT event

Thu, 24/04/2014

The 2nd IoT Day Event took place in Trento on April 9th 2014, organized by CREATE-NET. In continuation of the first successful event held last year, the event attracted more than 60 participants from the local university, research centers and companies involved in the IoT domain.

The program agenda and the event description have been announced in http://iotday.eventbrite.com. This year’s program has included 9 talks and presentations. Raffaele Giaffreda opened the event presenting some information about the IoT Day, followed by the presentation of our senior researcher Charalampos Doukas about the past, the present and the future of the IoT domain. Fabio Antonelli, head of the FraME research area in CREATE-NET, has presented COMPOSE FP7 project as an open solution for developers to build and host their IoT applications. Raffaele Giaffreda has also presented iCore project and facts about the numbers behind the IoT devices and applications. Finally, Federico Facca has introduced FI-WARE, FI-Labs and FI-Ops projects with their open challenges and prizes for developers building IoT apps.

From our external speakers, Paolo Lombardi and Alessandro Ligabo from the local startup accelerator, TechPeaks, have presented funding opportunities for entrepreneurs or startups that build solutions for connected objects and services and beyond. Sabina Barcucci from the local science museum (Muse) has introduced the new FabLab in Trento and discussed how makers can build connected things. Lorenzo Modena from Libon Srl. has presented their connected solution for efficient sport training. Tiziano Annuli from DQuid Srl. has presented their DQuid connected module for wireless communication between objects and smartphones. Finally, Roberto Gilli from Intoote Srl., has demonstrated how to use natural language for potentially talking to devices!