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Roberto Doriguzzi @ IEEE NetSoft 2015

Wed, 08/04/2015

Roberto Doriguzzi, senior researcher of the Smart Infrastructures area at CREATE-NET, will attend the IEEE NetSoft15  conference which will take place in London (UK) from the 13th til the 17th of April 2015

NetSoft 2015 will be the first of a series of annual events established as part of the IEEE Software-Defined Networks initiative. The theme of NetSoft 2015 is “Software-Defined Infrastructures for Networks, Clouds and Services”. NetSoft is intended to serve as the flagship IEEE forum for technical exchange on software-defined infrastructures and services.

Roberto Doriguzzi will present and demonstrate the preliminary results of the European project NetIDE  illustrated in the paper “NetIDE: removing vendor lock-in in SDN". The demonstration will focus on two major concepts: (i) the Integrated Development Environment: one single tool to manage the whole life-cycle of a Network Application, (ii) Network Application re-usability and portability: Applications written for different controller frameworks can be re-used and executed on top of any controller framework currently managing the network infrastructure.