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Robopet: entertainment for your pet

Mon, 05/05/2014

Pets often feel bored or lonely when they are left alone at home while their owners are at work. Separation anxiety can also be a problem in some cases. So what can we do to relieve some of the animal's loneliness and stress? We can introduce him/her to Robopet.

RoboPet is a robot companion for pets  developed by a team of researchers in CREATE-NET . RoboPet allows you  to watch, talk and play laser games with your pet through a mobile app or web browser anytime, anywhere. It is able to either play  pre-recorded sounds or directly streamed from the guardian’s smartphone. The guardian can thus be part of the pet’s daily routine by controlling the robot remotely using a simple web browser or a smartphone.

RoboPet is based on the Arduino Robot and has recently won  the community award within the “hack the arduino Robot” competition held in Vienna in the framework of the  RobotChallenge 2014, an international championship for self-made, autonomous, and mobile robots. In the last few years RobotChallenge became one of the biggest events in the field of robotics worldwide. Since 2004 teams from 56 countries with more than 1,500 robots have competed.

During the first phase, an international jury selected the 10 best project ideas based on feasibility, creativity and innovation to enter the second phase, where the ideas could be implemented. Robopet idea was admitted to the implementation phase and the video showing it in action  (available on the RS official youtube channel at the following link:

) was the most liked by the community, and it was therefore granted with the community award.

This award represents an important recognition and achievement for CREATE-NET’s team while it also rewards the hard-work and innovative idea.