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Rosa Maimone presents a demo during the Reserachers' night

Wed, 23/09/2015
Researchers' night

CREATE-NET's researcher, Rosa Maimone, will present the demo "Rehab@home: A Game-Based Solution for In-Home Rehabilitation" during the Reserachers' Night which is taking place in Trento on the 25th of September.

REHAB@HOME is an innovative, effective game-based rehabilitation solution for patients with motor-cognitive impairments (e.g., related to stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson disease) in order to increase their compliance and motivation to follow rehabilitation programs at home.

During the demo, people can play two different games developed by Leap Motion and Sifteo Cubes. Both games involve visual and auditory feedback.

Furthermore, people will be asked to interact with the web professional station, which enables clinicians to monitor remotely  patients’ progress in home settings. The user, acting as a therapist, will decide what device to use during the rehabilitation session and what game to play. He will select also particular parameters to consider during the game. At the end ofthe  session (can have one or more players) the results of the player’s performance from a clinical point of view wiil be displayed.

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The demo will be at Trento Fiere.