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SEE_Innova Final Meeting

Thu, 18/12/2014
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CREATE-NET participated in the Final Meeting of SEE_INNOVA project (funded via South East Europe EC funds) which took place in Budapest on 10-12th November 2014.

The event included the Final Steering Committee meeting on 10th November 2014, as well as the presentation and discussion of the project results during the AAL and Cluster Conference “Bridging Regions in Europe” on 11th and 12th November 2014. 

CREATE-NET researchers, Paola Baruchelli and Oscar Mayora took part in the event and introduced the discussion to the 2nd workshop dedicated to Innovation & Networking as an opportunity for bridging regions and to the 1st workshop dedicated to Active Ageing as a challenge for EU. 

To know more about the project meeting read the press release published here http://www.seeinnova.eu/news/seeinnova-final-event-press-release