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see_innova governance platform: a new tool to create & share innovative projects

Wed, 12/11/2014
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SEE_INNOVA project offers an innovative political and collaborative  approach among key stakeholders in the context of active aging (public institutions, research institutes, companies and end-users), aimed at innovative, multidisciplinary and transnational governance offering new opportunities for collaboration and coordination for the creation and use of age-friendly technological solutions focused on improving mobility and autonomy 'of the elderly in their home environment.

To meet these needs, the research center CREATE-NET (www.create-net.org) - as a technology partner and sponsor of the project at Trentino level - in conjunction with the start-up eXrade, subcontractor of the project, developed the SEE_INNOVA Governance Platform. The platform promotes the project and its results through a careful mapping ofolutions, best practices (http://www.seeinnova.eu/best-practice-catalogue), and individuals active in South East Europe (http://voucher.seeinnova.eu/en/profile/company/) in the field of active aging and technology. In addition to this, the platform provides partners and stakeholders innovative tools for indexing, sharing and dissemination of digital content on the technologies of Ambient Assisted Living for the elderly, and the matchmaking between the various stakeholders for the implementation of projects and innovative actions .

The greatest innovation was the ability to support collaboration opportunities offered in recent months by the project SEE_INNOVA:
  • The Flashes of Genius: an international competition aimed at encouraging creative thinking and the entrepreneurial spirit of young people in the promotion of innovative technological ideas to support the needs of the elderly;
  • The Innovation Voucher: calls for the financing of small research projects to solve real problems of the elderly.
Innovative features have been developed in terms of: automation of the negotiation process according to the various national legal models of the participating countries. These have led to the proposition and negotiation among young people and companies for innovative ideas in a transparent and secure way while taking into account different laws.
Moreover, thanks to a  notifications system of event and messages, the service offered is of high quality and traceable. The platform has been used by the Italian, Austrian, and Romanian partners  for the publication of notices (http://voucher.seeinnova.eu/en/negotiation/browse/). Thanks to this, stakeholders and young researchers interacted and produced their own collaborative projects.
The experience gained through the development of SEE_INNOVA Governance Platform in the future could be applied to different areas, industrial or academic as well as to the management of actions for local development and the sharing of knowledge and ideas.