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Silver medal for CREATE-NET at 100100 Hackathon

Wed, 04/02/2015
100100 Hackathon

CREATE-NET is proud to announce that a team of enthusiastic DemoLabbers, namely Attilio Broglio, Luca Capra and Charalampos Doukas, took part in the “100100 Hackathon” (http://www.centocento.org/hackathon/) held in Bassano Del Grappa (VI) on 23-24 January and won the second place.

The general topic of the hackathon was the “Internet of Things”, while specific tracks were announced just before the start of the challenge: smart mobility, safety and smart appliances. CREATE-NET’s team, after joining forces with Enrico Marchesin and Tarcisio Fedrizzi from the Hackerspace Trento (http://hstn.org/) and Matteo Perina from Muse FabLab (http://fablab.muse.it/), worked non-stop for 24 hours to deliver a fully functional prototype, named Roonda. 

Briefly, Roonda is a self-moving robot that can be driven remotely from a smart-phone, a webpage or a smart-watch and is able to collect environmental data such as temperature, light, air quality etc. thanks to the use of specific sensors. Moreover, through the use of a webcam the surrounding area can be projected on a screen and monitored remotely. The usage of Roonda can range from remote museum visits to remote surveillance in unsafe areas. The technologies used were all IoT-oriented: an Arduino Yun, a Roomba robotic vehicle, a webcam, HTML5 video streaming, a Pebble smart-watch and WebSockets as the communication protocol.

The jury appreciated the overall idea and was really surprised by the development progress obtained in only 24 hours. Moreover, thanks to its innovative approach, its value and usability, technical features and quality of the presentation, the Roonda prototype finally reached the second place within the “smart mobility” track..
The 100100 Hackathon represented another opportunity for CREATE_NET and its researchers to show the center is active and fully competent in the IoT domain. 

To discover what Roonda is all about, here are some preliminary videos recorded before the final presentation: 

See video

See video

More info: 

For those of you more interested in touching the software-side of the creature, its source code is fully open and available on GitHub: https://github.com/HackerspaceTrento/100100-hackathon