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Startup Weekend FIWARE

Wed, 01/10/2014
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Startup Weekend FIWARE – Milan 3-5October 2014 Join the Future Internet Evolution
FIWARE is organizing a series of Startup Weekends around Europe  to promote FIWARE Open Source technologies and to launch the 80 Million euro FIWARE Accelerator Programme fiware.org 5th September 2014. More than one thousand enterprises and app developers using the FIWARE technologies will benefit from the economic support awarded by the European Commission. 

The FIWARE Program starts its third phase with a budget of more than 100 million  euros  (80  million  of  which  will  be  destined  to  SMEs  and  entrepreneurs);  to support this launch, FIWARE is organizing a series of Startup Weekend around Europe.

Startup  Weekend  is  a  non-profit,  community-building  event  that  brings  together entrepreneurs  of  different  backgrounds,  including  software  developers,  marketers, designers,  and  other  enthusiasts.  They  gather  to  pitch  ideas,  form  teams  and  start companies in just 54 hours. The participants that attend have 60 seconds to make a pitch (optional), the pitches are whittled down to the top ideas, and then teams form around the ideas to come out with several developed companies or projects. Finally, the weekend culminates with demonstrations in front of an audience  of judges and potential investors.

The  Startup Weekend  FIWARE  Special  Edition  –  Milano  targets  the  development  of startups  idea  around  the  FIWARE  platform.  The  event  foresees  the  participation  of industrial partners  beyond  FIWARE, such as Engineering Ingegneria Informatica  SpA, Telecom Italia and Telefonica; talks by FIWARE early adopters, such as the Germany-based startup FoodLoop; and other experts. A number of experts from the Italian-based FIWARE  Accelerator  will  take  part  to  the  event  providing  not  only  support  to  the creation of startups during the 54 hours event, but informing the participants about the term and conditions of the FIWARE Accelerator Programme.

Participants, who can register at http://milan.up.co, will not only have the chance to build a startup in 54 hours, they will also get to know first-hand the latest projects and developments  of  the  Internet  of  the Future,  together  with  the  main  agents  of  this transition lead by FIWARE. “If you are a startup or small business with a bright idea for a new app or service, FIWARE is a great way to make your digital dream come true”, says Neelie Kroes, leader of the European Digital Agenda.

Before  the  Startup  Weekend,  on  2nd  and  3rd  October,  we  organized  a  free  FIWARE Bootcamp, to learn about FIWARE and get ready for the Startup Weekend!

This edition of the Startup Weekend FIWARE Special Edition – Milan is organized by CREATE-NET, Trento Rise and Trentino Sviluppo. 

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For further info about @StartupWeekend @fiware special edition #milan: http://milan.up.co

Federico M. Facca, CREATE-NET – Federico.facca@create-net.org