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Successful "IoTogether" Remote Co-working Hackathon coordinated by CREATE-NET

Fri, 03/10/2014

On September 20th CREATE-NET coordinated the event "IoTogether" Remote Co-working Hackathon between Trento and Barcelona. The event involved makers, designers and hackers interested in the Internet of Things (IoT) and  aimed at developing wearables and smart environments projects during an intensive (9am-9pm) day of work and play.

Eight teams were formed by connecting 8 groups of participants from the MuSe Museum of Science in Trento and Fabra i Coast in Barcelona. Teams defined their own project idea and started the prototype creation process by developing physical objects - with FabLab tools - and creating IoT solutions out of sensors and software development. A Future Internet videoconferencing service connected the two sides of the teams and sustained plenary sessions.

The following projects were created:

1. "SeeTy": a urban garden community that merges gardens around the world.

2. "LoveTotem": a lamp to express remote feelings for lovers.

3. "WineCheck": check wine bottles temperatures on your smartphone.

4. "Remote Interactive House Control": remote management of houses temperature & humidity.

5. "EmotionalBag": a bag monitoring and displaying its user's emotional status.

6. "SmartGlove": a glove that senses the heart beat and the level of stress.

7. "BluePresence": a smartwatch managing smartlights with power consumption profiling.

8. "CarFinder": cars tracking on the web with GPS sensor.

58 participants joined the event. The team members of the first two classified projects received a set of IoT sensors.

1st classified: Team 7 composed by Tarcisio Fedrizzi, Enrico Marchesin, Emanuele Olivetti, Damiano Donati, Simone Buratti, Nicola Pedot, Dennys Paillacho, Karthikeyan P. Saravanan and Rajagopal Hariharan.

2nd classified: Team 2 composed by: Giulio Pilotto, Aitor Mejías, Mirco Piccin, Josep Romero, Andrea Vial and Cristian Pinto.