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SunRISE wins the Sunshine challenge 2015

Wed, 21/10/2015

The project SunRISE (A Dynamic Time-of-Usage Tariffing Schemes for Carbon-Neutral Energy Provisioning), submitted among others by CREATE-NET’s researcher Antonio Massaro won the SUNSHINE Challenge 2015.

The SUNSHINE Challenge is a yearly European-level call for submissions which aims at promoting:

  • Innovative ideas which are likely to guide research in the near future;

  • Initiatives, projects and policies of cities and planning departments which are meant to improve living conditions in European cities;

  • Smart technology solutions, applications and products which have the potential to change the way society and business work.

This year’s focus was on promoting innovation in energy efficiency.

The underlying concept of SunRISE  is based on the CIVIS project which aim is to contribute to the design of a fairer, more sustainable, energy-optimised smart city.

The idea was evaluated by an international jury consisting of the SUNSHINE consortium members but also other experts. It was awarded because of its innovative and sustainable approach.

The award ceremony and the presentation of the SunRISE project will take place during the ICT 2015 Exhibition in Lisbon (Connect Area, booth number: C18) on 21 October 2015 at 3:30pm.