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Superhub project @ e-challenges 2014

Wed, 15/10/2014

The paper “SUPERHUB Approach on Exploiting Mobility Patterns for Smart Urban Applications” will be presented at the conference eChallenges e-2014 which will be held in Belfast, Northern lreland on October 29th and 30th.

eChallenges is supported by the European Commission  and attracts participation from senior representatives of leading government, industry and research organizations around the world. eChallenges e-2014 will provide an international forum to foster ICT related entrepreneurship and innnovation, share experiences, increase awareness of innovative applied ICT applications and research results, and identify opportunities for research collaboration under Horizon 2020.

The paper, co-authored by Mohamed Alrefaie, Luigi Telesca and Davide Tosi, will illustrate a new traffic model called Speed Profile whose aim is to build an average speed of traffic history for each road link in the city, based on real-time data collected. With this road profile, one can easily get real-time data, historical data and forecast future speed based on time, weather and several other factors. This information can be used to calculate the best route to avoid long traffic queues and to reach destinations as quickly as possible.