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Trakti wins the Italian Fintech awards

Tue, 10/05/2016
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EXrade, start up born inside the research center CREATE-NET in Povo won the first prize at the Italian Fintech Awards 2016, sponsored by CheBanca! in fromt of an audience of innovators, bloggers and Fintech enthusiasts.

EXrade won the first prize by presenting Trakti a social peer-to-peer platform that helps small businesses in managing negotiations and on-line negotiations. As soon as the two parties agree, Trakti generates an online contract that can be signed and shared in HTML and PDF.The project, through the financing of 25k euro, will have the opportunity to access to the London incubators, Level39 and Fintech Startup bootcamp.

"Trakti was born with the aim of facilitating the negotiations so as to achieve the best agreements and this award is a confirmation of the excellent results achieved by the start-up a short distance from its launch." Says Luigi Telesca, CEO of eXrade.

The call, targeting Italian start-up, ended March 31st and led to the choice of the 10 most interesting projects that were approved for CheBanca! Italian Fintech Awards, attended a two-day training and entrepreneurial mentorship.