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Waziup, the first opensource platform for Internet of Things and Big Data in Africa

Thu, 11/02/2016
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On Thursday February ​2nd-​4th 2016, members of the WAZIUP consortium met in Dakar to launch the WAZIUP program ​f​inanced by the European Union and co-ordinated by CREATE-NET, Italy.

The project includes 12 partners coming from 4 African countries (Togo, Ghana, Senegal, Burkina Faso) and as many European countries (France, Germany, Portugal, Italy).

The WAZIUP program is a disruptive initiative looking to provide ​value-added services and applications to ​rural populations in Africa with cutting edge technological tools around IoT (Internet of Things) and big data, designed specifically for their needs and that should help them improve their work and working conditions.

WAZIUP is an ambitious program that involves innovation spaces, universities, SMEs, ​IT systems architects communities, business developers and businesses with various technological expertise. These makers, with various skillssets, will all contribute to the creation of the Open Source platform WAZIUP which should allow developers to conceive and create new applications destined to the rural through data treatment transmitted by captors placed on the connected objects and deployed on urban and rural sites.

The goal of this program is to validate the business potential of IoT and big data in Africa. 
The platform's content will be validated through use cases and a series of events that will be organized by the african innovation hubs taking part in the project, among which CTIC Dakar. These events will be involving the developers and other stakeholders.

More than 200 people attended the launch event of the WAZIUP program. Different types of stakeholders (private sector, ministries, media, operators etc.) were present to get a better understanding of its content and have their questions answered. It was also an occasion for the consortium members to present themselves to the public and say more about their roles in this ambitious program.