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Charalampos Doukas Profile

Charalampos Doukas is a technology researcher, maker and open source hardware advocate. His main interests include the Internet of Things, wireless sensors and embedded systems, cloud systems, medical data processing and classification, medical sensors and data transmission over heterogeneous networks. He has used open hardware in several projects and his hacks mostly involve automation, acquisition, transmission and processing of medical and self-tracking data.  He also runs a small blog collecting resources about medical and health-related projects that utilize Arduino and a blog about enabling the Internet of Things using Open Hardware.

Charalampos has co-organised and presented in more than 20 workshops/keynotes, published more than 60 papers in international scientific conferences, 18 journal papers and 6 book chapters (cited more than 350 times, h index = 10).. He is currently working as a technical consultant in the IoT domain and senior researcher in CREATE-NET, Italy. He is the technical manager and project coordinator of the ICT30 AGILE - Adoptive Gateways for Interoperable Environments H2020 Project.

Charalampos is the author of "Building Internet of Things with the Arduino" (http://www.buildinginternetofthings.com).

Specialties: Sensors, embedded systems, wireless communication, Internet of Things, Cloud systems, Health Information Systems, Medical data processing, Data mining & pattern recognition, image & video processing, medical sensors, wearable systems, pervasive healthcare applications, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) systems