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President Imrich Chlamtac

Prof. Imrich ChlamtacMessage from the President

CREATE-NET is an International Research Consortium that, through joint research and community-building projects, brings together some of the best researchers in key areas of ICT worldwide.

CREATE-NET strives to promote original research ideas, innovative experimentation, and build bridges to industry that serve as vehicles for successful technology transfer.

With applications ranging from ICT technologies to health, well-being, energy, negotiation, agriculture and more, validated through experimentation on real-life test-bed, CREATE-NET brings new technologies and services to industry and society.

As facilitators for innovation growth through community building, CREATE-NET participates in multiple European initiatives including EIT, EAI, ICST that build a platform of:
  • enablers for the growth of the Information and Communication society that can benefit from the advances in communication technologies and practices;
  • developers of efficient, reliable, secure and trusted technologies for the emerging ubiquitous global innovation network;
  • testing ground for new services, applications and operators of an open test-bed for networked communities;
  • partners to industries for transforming advanced technologies to new business models and opportunities;
We see our mission as working in the service of the research society and of the citizen of the future society, where new ideas and technologies can be fully utilized to serve the community for building the cornerstone of the Networked Society of the Future.


We hope that you will be visiting our pages in the future and we invite you to explore the opportunity to participate in our activities.

Imrich Chlamtac
President of CREATE-NET

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