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Daniele Santoro Profile

Daniele Santoro was born in Italy in 1983.

He joined CREATE-NET in June 2008. 

Daniele worked in the ICT group as a software engineer involved in application development & support and system administration activities.

Starting from late 2012 he constantly increased his collaboration with CREATE-NET research projects working on IT adminitrative tasks supporting the research activities.

From 2014 he started to contribute to research projects, in particular collaborating with Dc4cities, FIWARE and FI-CORE and working on acitivities regarding deployment, administration and maintenance of cloud based IT systems such as OpenStack and Cloud Foundry and also on activities related to software development of components integrating with IaaS and PaaS layers.

On January 2016 he joined the "DIStributed Computing and InfOrmation Processing" research area (DISCO).