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Silvia Gabrielli Publications

Bo, G., M. Pompa, S. Gabrielli, R. Maimone, and L. Pannese, "Designing Meaningful Game Experiences for Rehabilitation and Sustainable Mobility Settings", Workshop on ubiquitous games and gamification for promoting behavior change and wellbeing (CHItaly2013), Sept., 2013, Workshop paper .
Ascolese, A., M. Pompa, G. Bo, S. Gabrielli, and L. Pannese, "Persuasion to a sustainable transport eco-system through serious games in the SUPERHUB EC Project", International Workshop on EuroPLOT Persuasive Technology for Learning, Education and Teaching (IWEPLET - EC TEL 2013), Cyprus, Sept., 2013, Workshop paper .
Carreras, I., S. Gabrielli, D. Miorandi, A. Tamilin, F. Cartolano, M. Jakob, and S. Marzorati, "SUPERHUB: A User-Centric Perspective on Sustainable Urban Mobility", 6th SenseTransport’12, Low Wood Bay, Lake District, UK, ACM, June, 2012, Workshop paper .
Marcu, G., J. Bardam, and S. Gabrielli, "A Framework for Overcoming Challenges in Designing Persuasive Monitoring Systems for Mental Illness", Pervasive Health Conference, May, Ireland (Best Paper Award Nomination), 2011, Conference Paper .
Gabrielli, S., O. Mayora, and A. Sabatino, "BeeParking: Feedback Interfaces for Collective Behavior Change", Proc. of CHI 2011, Vancouver, Canada, May, 2011, Conference Paper .
Costa, C., O. Mayora, and S. Gabrielli, "I-Theatre: developing narratives skills in kindergarten children", 2nd CHI workshop on UI technologies and their impact on educational pedagogy, Vancouver, Canaday, May, 2011, Workshop paper .
Gabrielli, S., R. Maimone, and O. Mayora, "Mobile Relaxation Technology: Looking into User Preferential Choices", Proc. of Interact 2011 Workshop on Promoting and Supporting Healthy Living By Design, Lisbon, Portugal, pp. 27-30, September 6th, 2011, Workshop paper .
Gabrielli, S., O. Mayora, J. Bardram, and G. Marcu, "Co-Designing Personal HealthCare Solutions for the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder", NordiCHI 2010 Workshop on Therapeutic Strategies - a Challenge for User Involvement in Design, October 17th, 2010, Workshop paper .