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NextMEDIA objective is to enhance the coordination of the efforts in Europe towards producing a clear situation of the Future Media Internet, create common pillars (e.g. the Future Media Internet reference architecture for Europe) and support the results of the developments of the European projects by means of the following actions: • Coordinate and Support of research collaboration in networked media scientific fields, especially in Future Media Internet (with strong orientation to the combination of 3D Internet Media and Content-aware Networks/Network-aware applications) • Support the cooperation and future research of the European projects in the field of Networked Media by means of driving Task Forces and propose and coordinate new ones (“Future Media Internet Architecture”). • Identify the position and clear opportunities in the areas where the European research in Future Media Internet is more competitive world-wide and develop studies and roadmaps by means of analysing the situation, technology and patents in the most developed countries in relevant research areas. • Create the necessary dissemination means to advertise and spread excellence of the European research in Future Media Internet world-wide and attract the prominent scientists and company managers to the events.

Oscar Mayora
EU Commission, FP7 Call IV