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The UBI-HEALTH program creates a stimulating research exchange foundation that will equip students from different continents with expertise in Pervasive Healthcare. The knowledge of requirements and available technologies for healthcare will be shared and become complementary between students, researchers and host institutions from Europe and the associated third countries. This will allow students to put this knowledge in use in their own context, improving healthcare provisioning and impacting on both preventative medicine and alternative means of treatment.

The main focus of the exchange program is to enable new generation of researchers to adapt novel technologies in different healthcare contexts and establish a network of knowledge dissemination between Europe and third countries.

Oscar Mayora

UBIHEALTH project is funded by the EU Marie Curie IRSES Instrument and coordinated by CREATE-NET MUbiT Group. The project involves ten partners from Europe, Latin America, USA and China and supports exchange of researchers in a four year framework.  

The group participates in the exchanges of researchers of UBIHEALTH with special focus on design of ubiquitous technologies solutions for health.

FP7 Marie Curie IRSES
09/2012 - 08/2016