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De Pellegrini, F., A. Massaro, L. Goratti, and E. R. Azouzi, "Bounded Generalized Kelly Mechanism for Multi-tenant Caching in Mobile Edge Clouds", International conference on NETwork Games, COntrol and OPtimization (NETGCOOP 2016), Avignon, France, Nov, 2016, Conference Paper .
De Pellegrini, F., A. Massaro, L. Goratti, and E. R. Azouzi, "A Competitive Scheme for Edge Caching in 5G Networks", 17th International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications, Urbino, Italy, Jul, 2016, Conference Paper .
Altman, E., and F. De Pellegrini, "Dynamic Games in Novel Networks: Guest Editors' Forewords", Springer Dynamics Games and Applications, 2016, Editorial .
Altman, E., F. De Pellegrini, D. Miorandi, and G. Neglia, "Stochastic Control of Delay Tolerant Networks", IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2016, Journal Article .
Miorandi, D., M. Zeni, and F. De Pellegrini, "Understanding the diffusion of YouTube videos", Extended Contributions of ECCS 2014 , vol. Springer Proceedings in Complexity, 2015, Conference Paper .
Altman, E., F. De Pellegrini, and H. Huang, "Activation games in online dating platforms", Proc. of IEEE ICC DySON, London, UK, June 8 2015. , London, UK , IEEE, June, 2015, Workshop paper .
Maggi, L., and F. De Pellegrini, "The Italian Coffee Queue: A dynamic priority discipline for multi-class queues", Proc. of IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Osaka, Japan, IEEE, December 15-18, 2015, Conference Paper .
Bonaccorsi, S., S. Ottaviano, F. De Pellegrini, A. Socievole, and P. Van Mieghem, "Epidemic outbreaks in two-scale community networks", Phys. Rev. E, vol. 90: American Physical Society, pp. 012810, Jul, 2014, Journal Article .
Riggio, R., D. Siracusa, and F. De Pellegrini, "The Price of Virtualization: Performance Isolation in Multi–Tenants Networks", Sixth IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Management of the Future Internet (IEEE NOMS 2014 Conference), Krakow, Poland, May, 2014, Workshop paper .
Maggi, L., and F. De Pellegrini, "Not Always Sparse: Flooding Time in Partially Connected Mobile Ad Hoc Networks", 12th Intl. Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks (WiOpt), 2014, Conference Paper .
De Pellegrini, F., A. R. E. Altman, and E. Altman, "Differential games of competition in online content diffusion", IFIP Networking , Trondheim, Norway, June, 2014, Conference Paper .
El-Azouzi, R., F. De Pellegrini, L. Maggi, T. J. Cèdric Richier, and J. Walrand, "Optimal Open-Loop Control of Online Advertisement", Proc. of IEEE NetGCoop, Trento, Italy, October 29–31, 2014, Conference Paper .
W. Chahin, H. Sidi, R. El Azouzi, and F. De Pellegrini, "Coordination Minority Games in Delay Tolerant Networks", Proc. of RawNet, Tsukuba, Japan, May 19, 2013, Conference Paper .
A. Montresor, F. De Pellegrini, and D. Miorandi, "Distributed k-Core Decomposition", IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 288-300, 2013, Journal Article .