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Siracusa, D., E. Salvadori, and T. Rasheed, "Edge-to-Edge Virtualization and Orchestration in Heterogeneous Transport Networks", IEEE Software Defined Networks for Future Networks and Services (SDN4FNS), Trento, Italy, Nov, 2013, Conference Paper .
Hossain, M. T., D. Smith, R. Kennedy, and K. Sithamparanathan, "Effect of Timing Error on the Performance of BPSK Modulation over Fading Channel", IEEE Communication Letters, vol. 14, no. 10, pp. 894 - 896, Oct., 2010, Journal Article .
Marsico, A., R. Doriguzzi Corin, and D. Siracusa, "An Effective Swapping Mechanism to Overcome the Memory Limitation of SDN Devices", International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM 2017), In Press, Conference Paper .
Carreras, I., D. Miorandi, G. S. Canright, and K. Engo-Monsen, Eigenvector Centrality in Highly Partitioned Mobile Networks: Principles and Applications, : Advances in Biologically-Inspired Information Systems, F. Dressler and Iacopo Carreras (Eds.), Springer, 2007, Journal Article .
Costa, C., F. De Natale, and F. Granelli, Embedded packet video transmission over wireless channels using power control and forward error correction, : IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2005, Seoul, Korea, may, 2005, Conference Paper .
Alouf, S., I. Carreras, D. Miorandi, and G. Neglia, Embedding Evolution in Epidemic-Style Forwarding, : Proceedings of BioNetworks (IEEE MASS), 2007, Conference Paper .
Miorandi, D., D. Lowe, and L. Yamamoto, "Embryonic Models for Self-Healing Distributed Services", Proc. of Bionetics: Springer, pp. 152–166, 2009, Conference Paper .
E. Altman, F. De Pellegrini, R. El Azouzi, D. Miorandi, and T. Jiménez, "Emergence of Equilibria from Individual Strategies in Online Content Diffusion", Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM - NetSciCom Workshop, Turin, Italy, April 19, 2013, Conference Paper .
Riggio, R., T. Rasheed, and F. Granelli, "EmPOWER: A Testbed for Network Function Virtualization Research and Experimentation", IEEE SDN4FNS 2013 (Software Defined Networks for Future Networks and Services), November, 2013, Conference Paper .
Doriguzzi Corin, R., D. Siracusa, E. Salvadori, and A. Schwabe, "Empowering Network Operating Systems with Memory Management Techniques", IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), Istanbul, Turkey, Apr, 2016, Short Paper .
Russello, G., C. Dong, N. Dulay, M. Chaudron, and V. M. Steen, "Encrypted shared data spaces", Proc. of COORDINATION, Oslo, Norway, Springer–Verlag, pp. 264–279, June, 2008, Conference Paper .
Prabhakaran, B., I. Chlamtac, H. Zhu, and S. Sathyamurthy, End-to-end Framework for QoS Guarantee in Heterogeneous Wired-cum-Wireless Networks, : The First International Conference on Quality of Service in wired/wireless High-Speed Networks, Qshine, Dallas, October, 2004, Conference Paper .