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Kongdenfha, W., B. Benatallah, J. Vayssiere, R. Saint-Paul, and F. Casati, "Rapid Development of Spreadsheet-based Web Mashups", 18th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW'09), Apr., 2009, Conference Paper .
Ion, M., H. Koshutanski, V. Hoyer, and L. Telesca, "Rating Agencies Interoperation for Peer-to-Peer Online Transactions", Second International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies (SECURWARE'08), Aug, 2008, Conference Paper .
Osmani, V., O. Mayora-Ibarra, T. Rasheed, and E. Salvadori, "Realising Anticipatory Networks Through Human Aware Networking", KuVS Workshop on Anticipatory Networks, Stuttgart, Germany, October, 2014, Workshop paper . Abstract
Gomez, K. M., T. Rasheed, L. Reynaud, and I. Bucaille, "Realistic Deployments of LTE-based Hybrid Aerial-Terrestrial Networks for Public Safety", Emerging Technologies and Trends for Public Safety Communications, Berlin- Germany, IEEE CAMAD Workshop, September, 2013, Workshop paper .
Pickering, B., and M. Vecchio, Reaping the Rewards of the IoT, : IEEE Internet of Things Newslettter, May, 2015, Web Article . Abstract
Vecchio, M., S. Sasidharan, F. Marcelloni, and R. Giaffreda, "Reconfiguration of environmental data compression parameters through cognitive IoT technologies", IEEE 9th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob) , vol. 1, no. 1, Lyon (France), IEEE, pp. 141–146, 2013, Conference Paper . Abstract
Shinkuma, R., H. Kasai, K. Yamaguchi, and O. Mayora, "Relational Metric: A New Metric for Network Service and In-network Resource Control", Proc. of 9th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, Las Vegas, Jan, 2012, Conference Paper .
Kliks, A., L. Goratti, and T. Chen, "REM: Revisiting a cognitive tool for virtualized 5G networks", International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT2016), Tessaloniki, IEEE, May , 2016, Conference Paper .
Dupont, C., "Renewable Energy Aware Data Centres: The Problem of Controlling the Applications Workload", 2nd International Workshop on Energy-efficient Data Canters (E2DC), Berkeley, CA, USA, 2013, Workshop paper .
Torri, E., O. Mayora, J. Cobo, and D. Palao, "Requirements Identification Towards a Design of Adaptive ICTs for Supporting Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Different Healthcare Contexts”", Pervasive Health WATT Workshop - Workshop on Adaptive Treatments and Therapies, Istanbul, Turkey, May, 2015, Workshop paper .
Granelli, F., H. Zhang, X. Zhou, and S. Marano, Research Advances in Cognitive Ultra Wide Band Radio and their Applications to Sensor Networks, : ACM/Springer Journal on Special Topics in Mobile Networking and Applications (MONET), special issue on Ultra Wide Band for Sensor Networks, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp. 487-499, 2006, Journal Article .
Siracusa, D., F. Pederzolli, E. Salvadori, D. Klonidis, and V. Lopez, "Resource Allocation Policies in SDM Optical Networks", Optical Networks Design and Modeling (ONDM) 2015, Pisa, Italy, May, 2015, Conference Paper .
Li, M., R. Riggio, F. De Pellegrini, and I. Chlamtac, Resource Management in IEEE802.11 based Wireless Networks, : Wireless Multimedia: Quality of Service and Solutions, Idea Group Inc, 2007, Journal Article .
Doriguzzi Corin, R., P. A. Aranda Gutierrez, E. Rojas, H. Karl, and E. Salvadori, "Reusability of Software-Defined Networking Applications: A Runtime, Multi-Controller Approach", IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM 2016), Canada, IEEE, November 2016, Conference Paper .
Ventre, P. L., B. Jakovljevic, D. Schmitz, S. Salsano, M. Gerola, L. Prete, S. Buscaglione, J. Aznar, and K. Stamos, "Revisiting Open eXchange Points with Software Defined Networking", The 22ND IEEE International symposium on local and metropolitan area networks (LANMAN 2016), Rome, Italy, Jun, 2016, Conference Paper .