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Toward a Control and Management System Enabling Cognitive Optical Networks

Areas involved: 
Areas involved: 
TitleToward a Control and Management System Enabling Cognitive Optical Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSiracusa, D., A. Broglio, A. Francescon, A. Zanardi, and E. Salvadori
Conference Name8th Conference on Network and Optical Communications (NOC)/ 18th European Conference on Optical Cabling and Infrastructure (OC&i)
Month PublishedJul
Conference dateJuly 10-12, 2013
Conference LocationGraz, Austria
ISBN Number978-1-4673-5821-7
KeywordsCentralized Control Plane, Cognitive, GMPLS, optical networks, Update policies

Cognition represents one of the ingredients to make up the future high-capacity heterogeneous optical networks. This paper provides three main contributions for a preliminary study of a Control and Management System (CMS) able to support the cognitive entity, named Cognitive Decision System (CDS). First of all, two architectural approaches to realize a cognitive optical network are presented. Secondly, the focus is set on the description of a centralized GMPLS-based CMS architecture and on the interactions between its modules and the CDS. In particular, the CDS decisions rely on a database updated by CMS protocols (i.e., by OSPF - TE) to grasp information about network configuration and resources availability. Unfortunately, OSPF - TE may not be able to timely update the CDS-database. To address this issue, the paper presents two CDS-database updating policies and compares their performance through simulations. Finally, a set of open issues and challenges is detailed in order to provide an input for a deep analysis of the presented CMS architecture.