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Understanding user requirements and preferences for a digital library Web portal

Areas involved: 
TitleUnderstanding user requirements and preferences for a digital library Web portal
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsAgosti, M., F. Crivellari, G. M. Di Nunzio, and S. Gabrielli
JournalSpringer International Journal on Digital Libraries

This article reports the findings of a user study conducted in the context of the TELplus project to gain insights about user needs and preferences for the digital library services offered by The European Library Web portal. The user requirements collection for the Web portal was designed by adopting a comprehensive survey approach. This combined explicit user feedback with implicit usage data so as to provide a more in-depth analysis of user experience with the portal. The analysis conducted shed light on likely motivations for both participant usage and reluctance to use the services provided, leading to more informed decisions on how to refine, improve, and present Web portal services to their future users. The lessons learnt from this case study also contributed to the development of an integrated methodological framework which provided insights for the future design and evaluation of digital library Web portals and services.