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R. Ferdous, S. Gabrielli, and R. Maimone, "Designing Intuitive Web Solutions for Monitoring Patient’s Rehabilitation at Home", Designing Intuitive Web Solutions for Monitoring Patient’s Rehabilitation at Home: CHItaly 2015, September, 2015, Demo paper .
Ferdous, R., V. Osmani, J. Beltran-Marquez, and O. Mayora, "Investigating correlation between verbal interactions and perceived stress", Proceedings of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS), Milan, August, 2015, Conference Paper . Abstract
Maggi, L., and F. De Pellegrini, "The Italian Coffee Queue: A dynamic priority discipline for multi-class queues", Proc. of IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Osaka, Japan, IEEE, December 15-18, 2015, Conference Paper .
Slawomir, K., and T. Rasheed, "Mobile Code based Convergent Networks (MCCN): A Softwarized Approach to 5G", 3rd IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control and Networking, Thailand, December, 2015, Conference Paper .
Somov, A., and R. Giaffreda, Powering IoT Devices: Technologies and Opportunities, : IEEE Internet of Things Newslettter, November, 2015, Web Article .
Riggio, R., J. Schulz–Zander, and A. Feldmann, "Programming the Home and Enterprise WiFi with OpenSDWN", Programming the Home and Enterprise WiFi with OpenSDWN: ACM SIGCOMM, August, 2015, Demo paper .
Spagnolini, U., A. Parichehreh, S. Savazzi, and L. Goratti, "Seamless LTE connectivity in high-speed trains", WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND MOBILE COMPUTING, July, 2015, Journal Article .
Osmani, V., "Smartphones in Mental Health: Detecting Depressive and Manic Episodes", IEEE Pervasive Computing, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 10-13, July, 2015, Journal Article . Abstract
Miorandi, D., Y. Huang, M. Warnier, and F. Brazier, "Social networking for Smart Grid users", Networking, Sensing and Control (ICNSC), 2015 IEEE 12th International Conference: IEEE, pp. 438-443, April, 2015, Conference Paper .
Hernandez-Leal, P., A. Maxhuni, E. L. Sucar, V. Osmani, E. F. Morales, and O. M. Ibarra, "Stress Modelling Using Transfer Learning in Presence of Scarce Data", International Conference on Ambient Intelligence for Health AMIHealth, Chile, Springer - ACM, November, 2015, Conference Paper .
Riggio, R., and J. Schulz–Zander, "Virtual Network Function Orchestration with Scylla", Virtual Network Function Orchestration with Scylla: ACM SIGCOMM, August, 2015, Demo paper .
Riggio, R., A. Bradai, T. Rasheed, T. Ahmed, K. Slawomir, and J. Schulz–Zander, "Virtual Network Functions Orchestration in Wireless Networks", 11th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM), Barcelona, IFIP/IEEE, November, 2015, Conference Paper .
Vilchez, S. J. M., B. I. G. Yahia, N. Crespi, T. Rasheed, and D. Siracusa, "Softwarized 5G Networks Resiliency with Self-healing", 1st IEEE International Conference on 5G for Ubiquitous Connectivity, Levi, Finland, Dec, 2014, Conference Paper . Abstract
Spagnolini, U., L. Goratti, S. Savazzi, and A. Parichehreh, "Distributed Load Balancing for Future 5G Systems On-board High-Speed Trains", 1st International Conference on 5G for Ubiquitous Connectivity, Levi, Finland, IEEE Computer Society, NOV, 2014, Conference Paper .
Doukas, C., and F. Antonelli, "A Full End-to-End Platform as a Service for Smart City Applications", IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications, WiMob 2014, Larnaca Cyprus, Oct, 2014, Conference Paper .