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, ".", ., Seattle, ACM, 2000, Workshop paper . Abstract
Altman, E., F. De Pellegrini, and H. Huang, "Activation games in online dating platforms", Proc. of IEEE ICC DySON, London, UK, June 8 2015. , London, UK , IEEE, June, 2015, Workshop paper .
Sithamparanathan, K., K. M. Gomez, T. Rasheed, and L. Reynaud, "Adaptive Energy Efficient Communications for Hybrid Aerial-Terrestrial Systems", IEEE ICC E2Nets, Hungary - Budapest, IEEE ISBN 978-1-4673-5752-4, June, 2013, Workshop paper .
Marchesoni, M., and C. Costa, "Augmenting natural interaction in projective capacitive displays with tangible interfaces", Engineering Patterns for Multi-Touch Interfaces, ACM Workshop, Pisa, Italy, 2011, Workshop paper .
Doukas, C., J.L.Pérez, A. Villalba, and D. Carrera, "Bridging Web Technologies with M2M Protocols", W3C workshop on the Web of Things, Berlin, Germany, Jun, 2014, Workshop paper .
Costa, C., and A. Matic, "Can Context Awareness and Affective Computing Inform Mobile Games User Research?", CHI 2013 Games User Research Workshop, Paris, France, April, 2013, Workshop paper .
Gabrielli, S., O. Mayora, J. Bardram, and G. Marcu, "Co-Designing Personal HealthCare Solutions for the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder", NordiCHI 2010 Workshop on Therapeutic Strategies - a Challenge for User Involvement in Design, October 17th, 2010, Workshop paper . Abstract
Carreras, I., A. Matic, P. Saar, and V. Osmani, "Comm2Sense: Detecting Proximity Through Smartphones", PerMoby Workshop, part of IEEE PerCom '12 Conference: IEEE , March, 2012, Workshop paper .
Bo, G., M. Pompa, S. Gabrielli, R. Maimone, and L. Pannese, "Designing Meaningful Game Experiences for Rehabilitation and Sustainable Mobility Settings", Workshop on ubiquitous games and gamification for promoting behavior change and wellbeing (CHItaly2013), Sept., 2013, Workshop paper .
Fedrizzi, R., K. M. Gomez, K. Sithamparanathan, T. Rasheed, and C. V. Saradhi, "Energy Aware Routing in Heterogeneous Multi-Hop Wireless Networks", ICC Workshop on Cognitive Radio and Cooperation for Green Networking: IEEE, 2012, Workshop paper .
Quan, D. - M., A. Somov, and C. Dupont, "Energy usage and carbon emission optimization mechanism for federated data centres", 1st International Workshop on Energy-efficient Data Centres (E2DC'12), vol. 7396: Springer, pp. 129-140, May, 2012, Workshop paper .
Boru, D., D. Kliazovich, F. Granelli, P. Bouvry, and A. Zomaya, "Energy-Efficient Data Replication in Cloud Computing Datacenters", CCSNA workshop at GLOBECOM, Atlanta-USA, IEEE, December, 2013, Workshop paper .
Gabrielli, S., R. Maimone, P. Forbes, and S. Wells, "Exploring Change Strategies for Sustainable Urban Mobility", CHI 2013 Designing Social Media for Change Workshop, Paris, France, ACM, April, 2013, Workshop paper .
Botto, F., C. Rossi, and L. Telesca, Facilitating Broadband-Enhanced Regional Development: the first steps of Trentino Community Network, : In International Workshop on ICT for Business Clusters in Emerging Markets, 23rd EGOS Colloquium , Vienna, Austria, July, 2007, Workshop paper .
Matic, A., A. Papliatseyeu, V. Osmani, and O. Mayora, "Happy or Moody? Why so? Monitoring Daily Routines at Work and Inferring Their Influence on Mood", 5th UbiHealth Workshop in conjunction with UBICOMP 2010 Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2010, Workshop paper . Abstract
Asghar, M. R., and D. Miorandi, "A Holistic View of Security and Privacy Issues in Smart Grids", Smart Grid Security, vol. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, no. 7823, Berlin, Germany, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 58-71, 2013, Workshop paper .
Mayora, O., J. Favela, M. Tentori, R. Maimone, I. Zavala, and E. Quintana, "iFlit: an ambient display to induce cognitive dissonance and behavior change ", Workshop on Ubiquitous games and gamification for promoting behavior change and wellbeing (CHItaly 2013), Sept., 2013, Workshop paper .
Costa, C., O. Mayora, and S. Gabrielli, "I-Theatre: developing narratives skills in kindergarten children", 2nd CHI workshop on UI technologies and their impact on educational pedagogy, Vancouver, Canaday, May, 2011, Workshop paper . Abstract
Matic, A., V. Osmani, and O. Mayora, "Mobile Monitoring of Formal and Informal Social Interactions at Workplace", UBICOMP Workshop on Mobile Systems for Computational Social Science, Seattle, ACM, September, 2014, Workshop paper . Abstract