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Research Focus

Internet of Things has already widely demonstrated its disruptive potential to allow the creation of smarter environments and more broadly of a smarter world, where real objects can become more intelligent, be connected to each other and interact with us anytime, anywhere. At this point in time however, IoT remains characterized by a high degree of fragmentation, depicting a landscape where competences are required in the appropriate selection and subsequent integration of best of breed technologies in a number of application domains, often interlinked and supported by the same infrastructure and architectural building blocks that must therefore be designed for scalability, reliability and flexible (re-)use. These aspects will greatly influence the way and the speed at which this development, integration and deployment of IoT applications process will take effective place.

The research performed within OpenIoT is focused on two distinct areas:

  • Technology-related research topics: on mechanisms and solutions addressing interoperability issues, re-usable architectural models for rapid deployment of IoT solutions, application-driven integration of IoT, Cloud and Big Data (i.e. cloud / edge separation of functionality, stream vs. batch IoT data processing), data protection and security, technologies enabling decentralized data governance and autonomous device interaction (blockchain), IoT data value extraction;
  • IoT Application domains: research is also focused on scouting of areas with high innovation potential where IoT brings substantial savings and/or competitive advantage (IoT-zation of production processes, interactions with local industry, administrations etc.), including social innovation enabled by blockchain technology, IoT devices, sensors, social networking, digital currencies and reputation systems. This includes the development of novel use cases that combine the use of IoT technologies in domains like health, media delivery, creative industries and enhancement of tourism applications.