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Research Focus

In the near future, the whole healthcare provisioning ecosystem will be interconnected including public institutions, device manufacturers, connectivity suppliers, data aggregators, pharmaceutical industries, application developers, insurance and health professionals with the final objective of maintaining and improving peoples health. Moreover, with the proliferation of fixed and mobile sensing devices such as smartphones, wearable devices, health monitors and environmental sensors the possibility of acquiring large amounts of personal data related to individuals health can be used in new applications aiming to improve people‚Äôs quality of life. Within this scope, the challenge nowadays lies in identifying strategies for a better exploitation of the potentials offered by the new multi-device and multi-sensor contexts.  

The Ubihealth research area positions its activities in the crossroads between data analysis of ubiquitous, multisensory platforms and generation of meaningful high-level information relevant to the design and implementation of future mobile scenarios.

The research includes acquisition and analysis of multi-parametric low-level signals that can provide a rich representation of contextual variables, where these signals are generated either by ad-hoc sensors or by the dynamics of mobile and ubiquitous devices. Such low level variables may include spatial position, orientation, acceleration, speech, proximity, data traffic usage, energy expenditure and their possible aggregation. High-level interpretation of the data analysis can produce meaningful, relevant and multifaceted information including social state, mood, behaviour, qualitative and quantitative physical activity, and intention prediction among others. Therefore, by conducting data-centric analysis at the sensor and communication level, it is possible to generate contextually relevant and opportunistic interventions for the users, bringing a step closer the realisation of future mobile and ubiquitous applications enriched with persuasive strategies for disease prevention and better management of personal health.