WARNING! Starting from January 1st, 2017 this website will no longer be updated. The new website is create-net.fbk.eu


CREATE-NET ability to support commercial partners in the development of innovative solutions that are truly vendor agnostic and are fully compliant to new emerging trends and regulations in the field of ICT, is the core advantage that makes of CREATE-NET the best consulting partner for any innovation project.

CREATE-NET R&D team can offer:

  • Strategic and technical consultancy in the conception of research and development projects, research programs and their development or monitoring;
  • Technology scouting and feasibility studies in preparation of new projects connected with the development of upgrading of existing communication infrastructures, services and applications;
  • Fast Prototyping and testing of new communication infrastructures, services and applications.

CREATE-NET is currently offering consulting services in the areas of Open Cloud Infrastructures, Software Defined Networks and Internet of things and in emerging markets like Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart Living, and many others.